Is there buried treasure at old Camp Claiborne?

By George Morris

There’s one thing about old Special Forces soldiers; they aren’t good at taking “no” for an answer. At least, Morty Hurston isn’t.

Having served in that capacity in Vietnam, Hurston later heard a credible story about valuable equipment, including fighter planes, that might be buried and recoverable at the former Camp Claiborne in central Louisiana. The story is at the URL below. UPDATE: After the story was published Nov. 7, 2015, the Forest Service has been highly cooperative, and they’re looking into whether the site Hurston found and another site might have what he’s looking for.


One thought on “Is there buried treasure at old Camp Claiborne?

  1. Check out ” Camp Ruston “. You might find something there. When Allied “Boats”, started sinking Germany’s vaunted “Wolfpack”, subs, the Allies were able to get a few “Enigma Machines”, Cipher Code machines that were needed to ease drop on Germany’s plans. The crews were taken off a few U-Boats, before the Captains were able to scuttle them. The code breaking machines were removed , the u-boats, usually sunk, the crew and machines taken to Camp Ruston, to sit out the war, like modern day Rock-stars. Hitler wrote them off for dead. Kept the remainder of the machines humming. They helped shorten the war , by how much, no one knows.


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